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Welcome to the New York City Church of Christ, affiliated with the International Churches of Christ


We are a bigger church family made up of smaller ministries all over the New York & New Jersey metropolitan areas.  We are imperfect people who believe in a perfect God who loves us & expects us to pay that love forward.

Why this Church?

Three Reasons to Consider Us

  • Bible-Based Church

    A fellowship of believers who love God and each other, we believe that the Bible is the word of God and is a marvelous guide for daily living. We appreciate the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ and are eager to share the blessings he provides.

  • Big Church, Small Church

    We're a large church with a total attendance of almost 4,000 on Sundays, but we regularly meet in eleven locations throughout the New York City metropolitan area. "Big Church" means there are plenty of programs to meet individual needs, and we have a vibrant youth, campus, singles, and married ministries. "Small Church" means you'll get a chance to know the people in your local ministries.

  • Diversity And Inclusion

    The New York City Church of Christ is incredibly diverse with a rich multi-cultural membership.

About Our Beliefs

Helpful Hints & FAQs

What to Expect During your Visit

  • Can I just show up?

    Yes! No need to call ahead. We have plenty of room and we would love to have you attend one of our worship services.

  • How should I dress for church?

    There is no dress code at our worship services. Our attire is as diverse as our church members,

  • What about my kids?

    Bring them! Each Sunday Regional Church Service has age-appropriate children's classes for your kids to enjoy. The classes are held at the same time as the worship service. Teachers in the classes are selected members of our church who have to pass a screening process before being able to teach. Each class has an age appropriate curriculum that encourages the children to learn about God in a fun and exciting way.

  • Will I have to give money?

    Not if you don't want to. Every Sunday we take up two collections - one for benevolent work and HOPE worldwide and another for the work of the NYC Church of Christ. You can give as much or little as you'd like.

  • Do I need to know the Bible to attend?

    Nope. Just as you don't need to be in shape to go to the gym, you don't need to be a Bible scholar to attend church. We love the Bible and train our members to teach others. If you'd like to learn the Bible, just attend a service, visit a Bible Talk, or email [email protected]. We can help you.

  • What is a Bible Talk?

    Jesus taught the masses, but changed lives through small groups. We do the same thing. We call our small groups "Bible Talks" or "Family Groups". We meet in homes and workplaces around the NYC metro area. Find a nearby group today!

Other questions or comments?
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