Easter Series | Part 1: The Not-So-Triumphant Entry

Easter Series | Part 1: The Not-So-Triumphant Entry
Welcome to the first part of our Easter series, where we embark on a spiritual journey through the final chapters of Luke's Gospel to uncover the essence of Christianity's most profound belief. This series, spanning from March 24th to April 28th, delves into the significance of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, and what it teaches us about living our lives to the fullest.

🌿 **Episode 1: Palm Sunday - A Not-So-Triumphant Entry (Luke 19:28-48)** 🌿

In our opening episode, we set the stage for an exploration into the final week of Jesus' life on Earth, beginning with Palm Sunday. Often seen as a day of victory, we take a closer look at Luke 19:28-48 to understand the complexities and the not-so-triumphant aspects of this significant event. What does Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on this day tell us about his mission and message? Join us as we unravel the insights and learnings from this pivotal moment in biblical history.

🎺 **Special Feature: The Easter Declaration - Horns of Celebration and Warning** 🎺

In a unique live performance, we bring the hustle and bustle of New York City to our stage, juxtaposed with the ancient and sacred custom of horn fanfares that have announced kings and saviors for centuries. Through this creative expression, we dive into the symbolism of horns in history and scripture, leading up to the most important announcement of all: "He is Risen. The tomb is Empty. Jesus lives." This Easter, we invite you to focus on the trumpets of Easter, a sound that not only warns us but celebrates the resurrection and life itself.

πŸ“š **Sermon Highlight: Lukan Reversals and the Ultimate Reversal of Resurrection** πŸ“š

Our sermon delves into the theme of reversals found in Luke's Gospel, culminating in the ultimate reversal: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We explore how this theme is echoed in the stories of the women of Luke 24, their roles as witnesses, and the broader implications for our lives today. Discover the journey of King Tut's trumpets from burial to rediscovery, and how we, too, are called to be heralds of the resurrection.

πŸ™ **Join Us for Communion, Testimonies, and Worship** πŸ™

As part of our service, we invite you to partake in communion, listen to powerful resurrection testimonies, and join in worship through song and prayer. This is a time for reflection, celebration, and preparing our hearts for the message of hope and transformation that Easter brings.

πŸ‘‹ **Stay Connected: Announcements and Welcome Wagon** πŸ‘‹

Don't miss our closing announcements, including a report from our Good Friday Worship Night and an invitation to our Welcome Wagon for guests. We're excited to share this journey with you, whether you're new to our community or have been with us for years.

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